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Thank you! In what I wrote, I tried to retrace the path that had led me to Euphoria some 20 years ago (2.x, there were still $30 to pay), captivated by the concept of Euphoria’s "object" data type. Meanwhile, from my POV, this path has been so overgrown with lush vegetation (bearing delicious fruits, of course), that I wouldn’t see it anymore, if I were looking for a programming language now.

I’ll gladly fix all the errors and omissions that you’ve pointed out to me, and try to think of a few things to improve. On the "show me an image" front, though, I’m afraid I just cannot deliver – I know nothing about it, have never written a line of code that did anything graphic, and it’s just not how my mind works or what I’m interested in. I thought that maybe someone else could add some chapters to what I’ve written, but maybe it would be a better idea to have more than one “Introductions” – my very austere and abstract one, and one or more others that have more visual appeal, offer more practical examples, and approach Phix (or Euphoria) from different directions.

Maybe it’s a bit like explaining how to buy tickets for the London Underground, vs. writing a city guide book telling people where they may want to go, vs. discussing the train engines and the power supply they run on. I totally understand that what I can offer doesn’t even come close to being a tutorial, and will not appeal to potential users with an interest in doing anything with GUI – this just would have to be done by others.

I’ll post a note here when I’ve updated my text. Robert

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