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ChrisB said...

What's bike-shedding?

It's what happened a while ago when I asked for help with the documentation, where instead of actually trying to accomplish the task at hand, we got buried in conversation about what was the "correct" approach to the documentation in general. See Law of triviality.

ChrisB said...

Do I have permission to audit/close/reassign tickets?

I believe so, yes. I recently created a new Milestone for 4.2.0 so we should set any still-relevant tickets to that. Anything else should be closed and tickets assigned to inactive users should be unassigned. Then we can report back on what's left and re-assign accordingly.

ChrisB said...

How can I edit the docs / manual?

I think that's what lead to the bike-shedding in the first place. The docs for the standard library are in the comments of each respective include file (e.g. std/cmdline.e) and the rest of the manual is in text files in the docs directory.

So even though it might not require writing code, updating the docs does follows a typical development process. The process is basically: run make htmldoc, read through the docs, edit the source files, and repeat the process. Then commit and push.

I agree it's not great, and it makes for a taller barrier to entry than it should. But anyone who wants to work on improving documentation process is going to face even more challenges trying to get there, so this really is the lesser of two evils.

If you're new to Git, you'll need to learn the basics of that first. If you're not on GitHub you'll need to create an account. Then I can add you to our developers group on GitHub so you can push your changes to the repo.

I created a Euphoria Discord last year which we don't really use much, but it may be better for real-time collaboration especially for troubleshooting and nit-picking things until you're up and running. Just "at" me on there to get my attention.


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