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Hello all,

I have made a repository for EuAllegro. I have wrapped a big chunk of Allegro already. You can view the current work here. No example programs yet, but much of the library has already been wrapped.

Yes I know the codebase is messy right now. I'll clean it up after I get the library wrapped and some example programs done.

The main wrapper is now finished. I'm now thinking of wrapping the add-on functions.

Very simple demo

without warning 
--Simple demo showing logical CPUs and RAM size 
include allegro.e 
atom cpu_c = al_get_cpu_count() 
atom ram = al_get_ram_size() 
printf(1,"CPUS: %d\n",{cpu_c}) 
printf(1,"RAM: %d\n",{ram}) 

Demo showing window (closes after a few seconds)

include allegro.e 
include keycodes.e 
include std/ffi.e 
procedure main() 
 atom x = al_install_system(ALLEGRO_VERSION_INT,0) 
 if x = -1 then 
 	puts(1,"Failed to init Allegro!\n") 
 end if 
 atom dis = al_create_display(800,600) 
 if dis = -1 then 
 	puts(1,"Failed to create display!\n") 
 end if 
 al_set_window_title(dis,"Simple Window Demo") 
end procedure 
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