Re: Allegro Wrapper?

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ghaberek said...
Icy_Viking said...

Well I think an overhaul of the win32lib for newer versions of Windows would be great. I may wrap or attempt to wrap GTK for Windows if I get super bored. I've been itching to work on another Euphoria project.

I think you're on the right track here. Ideally, the best GUI toolkit for Euphoria is something that is an abstraction of the native platforms. I don't think it'd be terribly difficult to build out a cross-platform Win32Lib-like library today, but I think moving to a proper object-oriented design with actual classes would be a lot better, whenever we get that implemented.

Right now I'm stuck in this Catch-22 chicken-and-the-egg scenario where I need better tools to visualize the Euphoria source code, intermediate language, and symbol table to better understand how everything works, so that I can get features like memstruct finished and start working on classes and several other things. This is what leads me back to IUP, so I can build a dedicated code debugger/object visualizer for Euphoria. It practically going to be an IDE but I won't call it that yet.


Well I could wrap IUP for the most current version. Though it sounds like you already have an IUP wrapper in the works. AS I said eariler I might wrap or try to wrap the Windows build of GTK if I get super bored. It should be cross-platform. If its possible to wrap C++ libraries, wrapping ClanLib would be something I'd look into.

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