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ghaberek said...

I was curious what Pete was doing for zip files in Phix and I found LiteZip. I can offer a few advantages with what I'm planning:

  • Miniz is more liberally licensed (MIT) than LiteZip (LGPL3)
  • Miniz compiles directly into the backend of Euphoria on all platforms
  • Miniz is much smaller (~100KB on the backend and ~50KB to library)
  • Miniz includes zlib routines which will also be included in library (std/zlib.e)
  • Miniz is still actively maintained by its developers (LiteZip is from 2008?)


I expect you've also seen (which wraps miniz)
Apparently that is easily compiled into a dll (/so?) but for me it's just an exercise in frustration.
I would quite probably quite happily jump ship to that or similar if only I could actually build it.
As I've noted there is an annoying niggle with LiteZip that will probably never ever be fixed,
plus it's still 32-bit only and completely untested on Linux, both of which are not exactly ideal.
Not that it really matters but technically LiteZip is 99K all in, or just 59K for extract-only,
though I accept that argument would be blown out of the water for anyone shipping a 64-bit app.
Regarding "directly into the backend" I trust you've considered and covered the eu2c implications.

PS Good find, it astonishes me how hard it is to find a decent zip component.

PPS One thing you may have missed is the ability to delete entries from a zip file? (no biggie)

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