TileEngine Wrapper Issue

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Hello all,

I was currently writing a wrapper of TileEngine for Euphoria. Everything was going smoothly until I noticed I'd need to make a shim for it due to the way its functions are handled. Some work without shims, but its the structs.

C Code 
struct Tilemap 
	int		rows;		/* rows*/ 
	int		cols;		/* columns */ 
	int		maxindex;	/* highest tile index */ 
	int		bgcolor;	/* background color */ 
	int		id;			/* id property */ 
	bool	visible;	/* visible property */ 
	struct Tileset* tileset; /* attached tileset (if any) */ 
	Tile	tiles[]; 
From here https://github.com/megamarc/Tilengine/blob/master/src/Tilemap.h

Tileengine.h file 
TLNAPI TLN_Tilemap TLN_LoadTilemap (const char* filename, const char* layername); 

--What I have currently 
public constant xTLN_LoadTilemap = define_c_func(tile,"+TLN_LoadTilemap",{C_POINTER,C_POINTER},C_POINTER) 
public function TLN_LoadTilemap(sequence filename,sequence layername) 
 atom str = allocate_string(filename,1) 
 atom str2 = allocate_string(layername,1) 
 return c_func(xTLN_LoadTilemap,{str,str2}) 
end function 
--shim idea 
enum ROWS, 

Maybe I should just switch to Phix since has simple struct support. -slight sarcarsm

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