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I try to apply cffi. e, it seems I do everything as in the documentation examples, an error occurs: F:\phix\builtins\cffi.e:232 in procedure err() attempt to divide by 0 msg = `unknown size typedef` ... called from F:\phix\builtins\cffi.e:455 in function do_type() mtype = `typedef` machine = 32' ' substruct = 0

Ideally, I would like to make a library without using third-party libraries (arwen, win32lib)
by the way, in the example about get_struct_size error: integer size = get_struct_field(id MBP).
And I still don't understand
integer rid = define_c_func(object lib, object fname, sequence args, atom return_type)
integer rid = define_cffi_func(object lib, string cdef, integer machine=machine_bits ())
and where is the function name passed

include cffi.e
constant SM_SYSTRAY  = WM_USER + 5 
constant tNOTIFYICONDATA=""" 

typedef struct _NOTIFYICONDATA {  
    DWORD cbSize;  
    HWND hWnd;  
    UINT uID;  
    UINT uFlags;  
    UINT uCallbackMessage;  
    HICON hIcon; 			 
    TCHAR szTip[128];     

constant integer idNOTIFYICONDATA = define_struct(tNOTIFYICONDATA) 
atom pNOTIFYICONDATA = allocate_struct(idNOTIFYICONDATA) 
constant SHELL32 = open_dll("shell32") 
constant Shell_NotifyIconA = define_cffi_func(SHELL32,tNOTIFYICONDATA)  
-- dwMessage 
constant NIM_ADD     = 0,		 
         NIM_MODIFY  = 1, 
         NIM_DELETE  = 2, 
         NIF_MESSAGE = 1, 
         NIF_ICON    = 2, 
         NIF_TIP     = 4 
procedure init_pNOTIFYICONDATA(atom hwnd, atom id, object flags, atom icon, object tip) 
  integer size = get_struct_size(idNOTIFYICONDATA) 
end procedure 
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