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please comment directly into the "boxes" like this one 
please edit insitu as needed 

Phix "Bottom Matter"

what follows is "bottom matter" found after main article 

Programming languages implemented in Phix

  • Phixmonti
  • Klingphix

Comparable languages

  • Euphoria
  • Lua
  • Go
  • Python
  • Ruby

each of these is a link to a wikipedia page 


for now... links will be placed near their origin for 
my writing convenience 
* words in bold will be internal links to wikipedia (will not be listed here) 
* words in bold and underlined will be "external links" 
  to be listed in this section 

somehow add some of these links to the main article 

Free downloads of Phix.

Official website Phix

PCAN - Phix Contributions & Assorted Nicknacks

openEuphoria Forum

Phix ยท GitHub Development repositories.

Discussion on ycombinator

Hacker News on facebook link

Discussion of differences with Euphoria

How to implement a program for History variables in Phix

Learn To Phix Programming by Tom Ciplijauskas

Phix Tutorial: Basic Sequence Actions, also by Tom, with some discussion

Phix Tutorial: Basic Sequence Operations, also by Tom, with some discussion

External links

  • official website
  • download page
  • github
  • rosettacode
  • PCAN

kind of a small box with a link to a page hosting images ... 
could place Phix logo and screenshots here 

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Phix

A "V.T.E" is a prominant link to a Wikipedia page 

V.T.E Euphoria (Programming Language)

"Categories:" is a boxed set of Wikipedia jump off pages 
containing a back-link to Phix 

Categories: Procedural programming languages | Cross-platform software | Programming languages created in 2006 | Free educational software

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