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GreenEuphorian said...

could someone please comment on the potentialities of OpenEuphoria or Phix for the implementation of a message-passing framework (and 'actor' objects)? In an 'actor' model the objects send and receive messages to one another, triggering actions (each message essentially being a method call on the receiving object).

If i understand you correctly...

Some time ago i wrote a preprocessor to make a universal type, wider than global type: it shared variables between OE programs. It also shared procedures/functions between programs. This was not a welcome addition to OE.

OE has a user type check. When you assign a value to a variable, that typecheck you write is called. My preprocessor replaced the "universal" type with "global" and added a call to a included file which used window's msg passing to broadcast the variable name and contents, which the include file of the other programs would pick up and handle.

A side effect is it was possible to shut down an app of shared procedures, re-write it, and re-run it, without shutting down those programs that made calls to it. It also eliminated the bottleneck of blocking calls, such as http.e (http.e still blocked, but if your http.e hung, it need not stop your main block of code or any other program).

All this is, of course, blasphemous to the tenets of Euphoria.

I did not try this compiled, only interpreted.


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