Re: [Github bad] Github and Euphoria

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_tom said...

Search for "openeuphoria" and you get 6 hits--but not the Euphoria language.

The search results are categorized on the left, with "Repositories" being first and "Users" being last. "OpenEuphoria" is user, and it's the only result in that list.

If anything we should at least get Jeremy to mark his repo as private, since it's the top result and several years out of date.

I'll see if there are any GitHub SEO tricks to getting the main repo to show up on searches for "OpenEuphoria" as well.

_tom said...

Search for "euphoria" and you get 347 hits (35 pages) of stuff; at least Euphoria the Language is found on the first page.

This is good news! Search results seem to be ranked by stars. Quick, everybody go star the Euphoria repo right now, thanks!

_tom said...

Github seems to think that Euphoria is written in the Eiffel language.

It looks like there are ways to fix that: Ideally we'd want to get Euphoria added as a language in there as well.

_tom said...

Or, Github thinks the most popular language used by Euphoria is "Python".

It's just going to report what it thinks it knows. See the link above for how we might be able to fix this.

_tom said...

And, Github thinks "oe" is one of 9_317 results. Thus my versions of "oE" are worthless.

I mean, it's two-character ligature. I'm surprised there aren't more results.


P.S. I don't think GitHub is bad. It offers a lot of neat and useful features. And as I've said before, if we want to appeal to wider audience, I think we should go where the talent is. We haven't got the star power to draw people to our own private Idaho.

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