Re: Roadmap to Euphoria 4.2

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petelomax said...

Presumably you could do everything via libcurl

We'll make libcurl available for those who want to use it directly.

petelomax said...

but you want some http/ftp functionality in the backend, w/o needing any external libs/dll/so?

That is not correct. Sorry if this was confusing. I just want to make it so applications that already use std/net/http.e routines don't have to suddenly start requiring libcurl.

This can be done on Windows by using WinInet, and on *NIX by using the system libcurl. On Linux/BSD that's [apt|yum|pkg] install away, and OS X provides libcurl out of the box.

If all else fails, we'll fall back to the original HTTP-only routines and throw ERR_HTTPS_UNAVAILABLE when HTTPS requests are made. Thus, we keep the old and add the new.

petelomax said...

If so, can you be more specific on what you plan to embed in the backend?

My intent was to follow the in the line of using PCRE for std/regex.e and pick third-party libraries to add features without adding bloat.

Anything that is a "must have" feature would be baked in. Anything that's "too big" to compile in should be shipped as a shared library.

I think my current choice of features (JSON, XML, ZIP, etc.) are "must haves" and I've picked libraries that are stable and quite small.

My motivation for these features is based on the past several years of discussion on the forum. I think we need to ship features that people need.


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