Re: Getting to a release, an interim update, and why this is so hard

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Bhupen1277 said...

Thank you Irv and ghaberek for your responses.
I developed a simple GST payment program in the late 9170s using a version of Basic language. GST is what a shopkeeper collects in Canada as tax on behalf of the Government when he sells anything, and then remits it on a monthly basis to the Government, retaining his commission. It took me 12-15 days to iron out all the little quirks. Much more than
30 minutes round trip through a cycle of "make a change" "do a clean build" and "check the unit test results"
It seemed excessive at the time, but the 16 year old grade 11 who was using it for the next 2 years did her monthly work in about 1 ½ minutes and to me THAT was my reward. Another shopkeeper started using it and was very grateful Now imagine even 200 users using that program. If my 12-15 days work was rewarding enough because there was instant GST calc and payment for over 2 year in ONE SHOP, the reward of it doing the same work in 200 shops is infinite. My 12-15 days do not count as anything compared to the TIME SAVED by the end users and the accuracy of results.

Later I was involved in developing a language – an interpretive language with a compiled executive. We counted things like time take for 100 eight digit multiplications, and time taken for 100 saves of data of 50 Kb (being a typical save in those days). We were NOT concerned with the time it took to compile the latest version of the software – it was considered irrelevant.

Anyway, you all have a good product working and for an old man like me, it would be nice to know that there is no need for newer and newer and newer and nerwer versioon, but only additions needed

The late 9170s? Are you a time traveler? Lol, I get you mean the late 1970s. Anyways, I think having the memstruct added to the next Euphoria version will help. Especially when it comes to wrapping libraries, like SDL, SFML, Raylib and so on. Might even help or make it easier to write libraries that would seem out of the question right now, like heavily Cplusplus libraries with lots of classes. However, I don't think OOP is needed for Euphoria. Even when I code in C, CPlusplus, I barely use OOP, however structs are very useful.

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