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OpenEuphoria is your portal to better programming. Choose from the oE and Phix langauges, or even the legacy Eu language. the way to program.

Simpler...two fundamental data-types makes a language simpler than any other language; keep what you learn means syntax without surprises, ... simplify and add lightness. interpreting and fast compiling, open and free, easy syntax, generic and flexible sequence operation, debugging, gui, libraries, garbage-collection, safety, multi-tasking, multi-threading, ... programmer friendly.

Speedier...interpret much faster than any popular commonly available programming language. Then, compile to get even better performance and easy program distribution, ... performance.

The way to program is oE|Phix.

Dismiss the Competition.

Compare oE|Phix to any other programming language! Eliminate any language that does not offer:

  • a faster interpreter
  • program compilation
  • two data-types--atom sequence--for general programming (yet with more when you need them)
  • one data-type--object--for any value
  • generic sequence operations
  • syntax without surprises and gotchas
  • simple and easy to learn

The way to program is oE|Phix.

What possible rebuttal can anyone offer?

Is there any language that comes close to oE|Phix?


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