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Recent versions of Ubuntu have an attitude problem: they won't let you associate a program (such as Euphoria) with files (such as .ex files!) so that you can run them from nautilus with Eu.

There's a fairly simple fix:

$ sudo nano /usr/share/applications/euphoria.desktop

Enter the following text:

[Desktop Entry] 
Comment=Euphoria 4.1 beta 2       

Save this new euphoria.desktop file, and then:

$ sudo nano /usr/share/applications/defaults.list

scroll down to the line which starts: text/plain=gedit.desktop

change that to: text/plain=euphoria.desktop

Save, right-click on an .ex file in nautilus, now it should show "Open with Euphoria" as the default option. Left-click should run the program. Of course, this must be a gui program, not just a command-line program, which should be run from a terminal.

If most of your Eu programs are text-mode, you can change the Terminal=false line in the euphoria.desktop file to Terminal=true.

Now, if someone knows how to change the association for the "open with other" programs to include Wee, instead of LibreOffice -writer, (how useless would that be?) please post it.

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