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irv said...

Agreed about GitHub. I just wish GitHub was easier to use and more versatile.

I'll admin, there's a bit of a learning curve, but it's certainly quite versatile!

You can use GitHub for all of these things:

  • code repository
  • issue tracking
  • provide release packages
  • continuous integration
  • testing pull requests
  • assign developers to teams
  • manage and track project tasks
  • static project websites
  • wiki for documentation
irv said...

Took quite a while to figure out the arcane markup tricks, and when done, it looks rather plain.

You may want to look into GitHub Pages then. You should be able to use that to host the same static site you've had, but at instead.

euphoric said...

GitHub is just a code repo. It's not meant to be fancy.

Absolutely not true! Git isn't meant to be fancy. GitHub is a social platform for all aspects of development. See my comment above.

euphoric said...

You can always link back to the EuGTK home page from there to show off your HTML skillz.

This is precisely what GitHub Pages is for.

petelomax said...

Question: how best to get my stuff into that and switch to that as the new master? (from windows 10, given bitbucket is now dead to me, rtfm links acceptable)

You basically just clone the repo with Git, change the upstream, and then push it back:

petelomax said...

One thing I would dearly miss is sourcetree's gui with a nice list/diff of files, though maybe I could live with a cmd-line "git alldiffs > diffs.txt" or similar before each commit.

You can still use Sourcetree! Who said you can't use Sourcetree? It's just a Git client.


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