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begin said...

hi, will there be any phix update in the near future? may be with some tracing capabilities etc. (windows x64) it is not my intention to start some bad mood or other, just an honest question.

thanx in advance

Ah, I have a fix for that (trace on 64 bit). Change builtins/VM/Ptrace.e line 1387:

--          mov rdx,[rbx+rax*4+16]      -- rtn 
            mov rdx,[rbx+rsi*4+16]      -- rtn 

Then just recompile, p -c p, with a format PE64 somewhere in the mix.

Two long-standing problems are still preventing a release:
A memory allocation issue on linux, which means it always crashes on some systems.
A "NEWGSCAN" option that fixes a number of long-standing issues is almost in place but still has a few nasty surprises left.

The only thing I seem to be able to do with those is bash my head against the problem for a few hours, get nowhere, then leave it alone for a few days, rinse, cycle, repeat.

I have several other goodies (sorry, no list yet) lined up for the release, but there is not much point to shipping a guaranteed-to-be-buggier-than-the-previous release, so I am getting pretty frustated they cannot be released, just as much as everyone else is.

A release may also be slightly delayed by actually using curl and zip in an improved distribution mechanism, but it should be a tiny fraction of the time I have already spent on the main two issues mentioned above.

Nice to know that someone else wants a new release, anyway.

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