Re: GTKConvert Units.exw with Carpenters Fractions

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--# GtkConvertUnits.exw - <b>by Jim Roberts</b> - convert from one unit to another  
--  Gtk interface by Irv Mullins -- Thanks, Irv! 
--  several changes by Kenneth Rhodes including carpenters fractions display for inches  
include GtkEngine.e   
include GtkConvertUnits.e   
    win=create(GtkWindow, "title=Convert by Jim Roberts,border_width=10,position=1,$destroy=Quit"),   
    panel=create(GtkBox, "orientation=HORIZONTAL,spacing=10"),     
    cb1=create(GtkComboBoxText, "tooltip text=Select Category of Unit Measures"),     
    V1=create(GtkEntry, "placeholder text=Value to convert,tooltip text=Enter Value to Convert,$changed=Convert"  ),    
    cb2=create(GtkComboBoxText, "tooltip text = Select Input Unit, $changed=Convert"),   
    cb3=create(GtkComboBoxText, "tooltip text = Select Output Unit,$changed=Convert"), 
    V2=create(GtkEntry,  "width chars=25, placeholder text=Results"  )   
    add(win,panel)  add(panel,{cb1,V1,cb2,cb3,V2})    
    for i = 1 to length(index) do  
        set(cb1,"append text",index[i])  
    end for  
function SelectUnits(integer i) 
-- returns a sequence of unit labels   
object units = {}  
   for a = 1  to length(Unit[i]) by 2 do   
      units = append(units, Unit[i][a])    
   end for   
return  units 
end function   
global function Update()  
integer u = get(cb1,"active")  
object units = SelectUnits(u)  
   set(cb2,"remove all")  set(cb3,"remove all")  
   for j = 1 to length(units) do   
      set(cb2,"append text",units[j]) set(cb3,"append text",units[j])  
   end for  
   set(cb2,"active",1) set(cb3,"active",1)  
return 1   
end function   
global function Convert()  
atom val = to_number(get(V1,"text"))    
object from_units = get(cb2,"active text")  
object to_units = get(cb3,"active text") 
object c ={} 
  if val = 0 then return 1 end if  
  if atom(from_units) or atom(to_units) then return 1 end if  
  object results = ConvertUnit(val,from_units, to_units)  
  results[1] = from_units results[2] = to_units results = append(results,val) 
  if match( "in", to_units) then 
      c= carp( results[3], in_in) c = prepend(c, from_units )  
      c = prepend(c, val)  
      c =sprintf("%g %s = %g %g/%g inches", {c[1],c[2],c[3],c[4],c[5]})  
      set(V2,"text", c)  
      set(V2,"tooltip markup",text:format("[4] [1] = [3] [2]",results)) 
      set(V2,"tooltip markup",text:format("[4] [1] = [3] [2]",results))  
      results[3] = sprintf("%.4g",results[3])   
      set(V2, "text", text:format("[4] [1] = [3] [2]",results))  
   end if 
return 1  
end function   
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