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begin said...

by now, NOBODY wants 32bit anymore, 64 bit is an absolute must.

I strongly disagree.
Obviously, ALL applications MUST run on a 64-bit OS.
That is a completely different requirement to the application must be 64-bit.
In fact you just said you successfully ran a 32-bit Phix, presumably on a 64-bit box, to create a 64-bit Phix.
See what I mean?

Of course if you are calling a dll from some other 64-bit language, it must be a 64-bit dll, totally conceded.
You could in fact do 95% of the work in 32-bit Phix, if that helps any, and only at the last moment package

-- myapp64.exw 
format PE64 DLL 
include myapp32.exw 

But you don't even have to do that. I cannot think of any problems with using a 32-bit Edita to develop 64-bit code, other than either tweaking options/File Extensions to use the 64-bit compiler, or remembering to put format PE64 at the start of the main source files.

Anyway, surely you already have a favorite editor, what is it and is there something wrong with that?
If you are just looking for syntax-coloring, there may well already be something you could use for that editor.

begin said...

but one has to know how the internal format of sequences etc is.

The structure itself is not the issue.
See builtins\VM\pHeap.e, line 110, for the full details.
The problem is more of ownership, i.e. getting the reference counting right, and who gets to delete it.
It would probably not be difficult to create a bunch of low-level routines as part of the dll to create/append/subscript/decref/etc a sequence.
I am just worried that doing so might be rather fiddly, error prone, and not really worthwhile.


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