WellRe: New wiki work - an Allegro game kit.

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jimcbrown said...
Icy_Viking said...

Of course if XNA/MonoGame is ever ported to C and the needed DLLs are made, I might just wrap it. Though I don't see it happening as XNA/Monogame is written in C# using the .NET Framework.

It can certainly be done:


Here's an example using COM:



Another example, but without COM:


One could also create a wrapper C dll that had an init function that takes a lot of function pointers, and then a helper C# dll that wraps XNA/MonoGame in delegates and then calls the C init function via p/invoke to pass the function pointers inside the delegates. Then the C wrapper would call a function pointer which would pass to XNA/MonoGame.


Well those are some useful examples. I might take a crack at it, though Monogame is fairly big, so it would take a good chunk of time to wrap it. Still this is good to know.

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