OT: S2T & T2S (non-Eu)

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Ekhnat0n said...

First of all Happy New Year to you and those who are close to you.


Ekhnat0n said...

Why do I need S2T & T2S?

1) I Can communicate a hell of a lot faster that way. Anything taking me an hour to type-out only costs me 10 minutes at most to SAY.

Ah. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Ekhnat0n said...

I am however sure, that SWITCH can perform in more ways

I guess my question here is: what's the connection between the switch statement in Eu and your need of S2T/T2S ?

Ekhnat0n said...

BTW my apologies for transgressing the CoC if this forum,

Actually the main concern here was the suggestion of violations of EULAs. No one is trying to make things harder for you - it's just that no one wants to get sued.

Ekhnat0n said...

Nor is soliciting for such aid to be found as against the Code of Conduct ;)

Good point. It's more of a ToS issue than a CoC issue. Namely HostWinds's TOS - https://www.hostwinds.com/terms.php

HostWinds TOS said...

All Services may only be used for lawful purposes. The laws of the United States of America apply to all Clients of Hostwinds.com.


Sites promoting illegal activities

Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to Warez/pirated/illegal

Still, I guess this could be clearer. Maybe I'll ping _tom and see what he can come up with as a good-faith plain language usage guidelines.

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