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ChrisB said...

Is it possible to add a hit counter to an eu wiki page?

I just implemented something in the wiki akin to the forum views counts that we have for forum messages on our test environment.


Is this close enough to what you want?

ChrisB said...

Browsing through looks like what I want is doable, but my next step is setting up a virtual machine for testing - it looks like lighttpd has been used, but apache is also an option, though a heavier and more involved one.

I once set up a dedicated test server (which no longer exists), that was open to everyone, so people could just jump in and test out euweb changes without having to do all of that set-up first.

No one else ever used it.

ChrisB said...

Anyway my current (slow) next step is learning the installation steps and setting up a server, and installing a working version of euforum there, so I can play (and break it) with impunity.

In 2 or 3 years time I'm sure I'll have some questions.

Hmm. How much unix/linux/gnu admin experience do you have? I can give you access to the test environment on our server but the issue is that we're not currently set up to isolate the test env from prod - so an inexperienced admin could accidently nuke the prod system.

ChrisB said...

Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

When it said Log, there was me thinking it was a ..... Log.

Yes it does, and in all honesty I had revisited it, and then read lower than 'Log' before clicking off the second time.

Can you point to a link on ? I'm not sure what this is referring to.

ChrisB said...

Ok, so the answer to this looks like no, how about embedding html in a page then?

I'd like to think about this a bit more, I'm worried about cross-site scripting attacks and the like from this.

ghaberek said...

I don't think the answer to these questions is "no," per se. It's certainly possible to implement these features.

I think it's just that no one is actively maintaining the euweb code right now. Contributions are always welcome.


Not to worry folks, I'm still around and I'm still maintaining it. (Or at least I play that person on tv! ;)

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