Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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jaygade said...

I'm the same age (almost 45) and started with Applesoft and Commodore BASIC too. I've never understood IDEs even though I keep trying. I have no problems using a basic text editor and the command line.

Obviously, your mileage may vary.

Euphoria is not unique in not having an IDE; I would say fewer than 10% of the available languages have one and must have programs written in standard text editors. A few more languages have REPLs, which is nice. An even newer development which would also be nice would be an online "playground" like some languages have.

Im 20 years old, started with C at 11, passed by Java, Visual Basic .NET, and some others, like the web langs (JS, PHP), Lua, perl, shell script, etc.

I began to really enjoy programming after learned assembly. Im not obsessed with speed or binary size. (I care about these things, but im not a "shiite") Its just that with it i could truly understand what im doing, and the cognitive load of "jmp eax" is smaller that of "(addr*)();".

But assembly isnt ever what i need. Portability isnt my major concern. Developing GUIs, TUIs, web apps and interfacing with other's libraries are more like a challenge for me.

Im not stating that im super skilled, because im not! Im a begginer in many ways. Never had a employ with programming, nor worked as a freelancer, nor contributed before with open source projects. Im accoustumed with many modern technics, i ever write tests to all my code, but my code havent passed by sufficient eyes to receive criticism. I hadnt worked in teams. Nor graduate in the area. Im doing engineering, programming its a desirable/necessary skill, not so needed like math, thats all.

I was needed of a better higher level lang, a trampoline for my prototypes and ideas, to permit me a faster and easier devel. I often found myself writing a lot of scripts to test concepts, and then rewriting them in other langs. Shell script and JS do only their job, no more. Then i found Euphoria and felt lucky!

I think, maybe the Euphoria lang could work as a brigde between the beginner and the advanced knowledge of a experienced programmer. A plataform that hold the beginner by hand, and let him meet the "black hole" in a friendlier experience. Maybe a customized Geany instalation could fullfil the IDE role for the beginner, with that VT at bottom playing a mixed REPL/shell role.

A plataform for games, for education, and a shiny excelent toolbox for the average people. A similar role played by Basic in the old days, like of enlarged, with a better/modern aproach?

I hope im not too deluded!

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