Re: Eu 4.1cf eu 4.05 - breaks down with SOME d

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Thought I'd start a table here, because it attracts more activity than the wiki (afaik)

Test bed - windows only : Windows 8.1 64 bit system 32 bit euphorias in /bin
eui405.exe 505kb
~reports using managed memory
~revision date 2012-10-11
eui410.exe 2018Kb
~reports using system memory
~revision date 2015-02-02
euiw405 and euiw410 report similar

includes ~most up to date I can get, I think, but as there is no versioning, can't be sure. The same include set is used for 405 and 410, the 410 set being installed over the 405 set

Always 32 bit windows, and 32 bit dll
eu.cfg used in program directory to point to location of required includes

program run from editplus, with choice of eui405, euiw405, eui410, euiw410.
So far no difference between eui and euiw as far as running goes

if the example program doesn't run, then there is no crash, or crash message, it just stops, and dumps you back to the command line.

DLL works with eui405 works with eui410
sqlite3 yes no
sdl yes no
opengl yes yes
win32lib yes yes
exoticax yes no
allegro yes no
morfit (although is very old) yes no
Arwen yes no (crashes with type check failure in machine.e
sdl2 no (machine level exception) no
iup4eu no yes
iup (Jeremy version) yes no
Nexus yes no

This list is not yet complete - if you want to post your tests, I will update the table to reflect them. Note, if your setup indicates that these programs do run with these combos, then that is an equally valid result - post here.



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