Re: Unified libraries to allow porting code to other oses

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jmduro said...

To get text, I have another set of functions, but function names to get text are not always coherent with functions to set text:

set_string but get_string_selection, set_text but get_text_line or get_text_value. I spend a lot of time to find the correct function names according to the classes, and sometimes the documentation is outdated and refers to non-existing names. With the wxSimple library, users avoid this problem.

I see, this is not a cross platform issue at all, but something completely different. Making the names of various functions simpler and more consistent so it is easier to learn for a user.

jmduro said...

wxSimple will never be exhaustive and do it all. I don't think I can achieve a unique cross-platform library. There will always be something specific to a platform or to a GUI. For example wxWidgets supports networking, win32lib does not. So the goal is not to get full cross compatibility: it is to let people do easily 80% of the porting job and let advanced users help them terminate with the remaining 20%.



Ok. This sounds quite reasonable.

ryanj said...

This is one of the goals of Redy: to make a non-platform-specific GUI api. As a purist, i like to have as little non-euphoria code as possible, so my approach was different than the others: i use only foundational window and graphics functions so that there is much less api to wrap on each platform.

A worthy goal imvho. David Cuny did something similiar with his mwin ("Minimalistic Windows") libraries some time back, and wxWidgets has a wxUniversal toolkit that is based on the same idea.

ryanj said...

What i am missing is a wrapper for x-windows or xcb for Linux to be able to create and manage windows and draw graphics on them. Once I have that, it won't be difficult to make Redy cross-platform.

I can help with that:

(Note that this code is not all mine - Pete E. and David Cuny and Elliot de S. all contributed to this. Back in 2001.)

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