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katsmeow said...

Some of you are standing against what i ask for because it is not good for you.

I haven't seen anyone speak against eval() or string execution per se in this thread. I haven't seen anyone speak against calling code dynamically per se either. It was merely pointed out that these are two separate things, and linking them together in the implementation isn't necessarily the best way do implement them.

But, the best way to prove those naysayers (such as myself) wrong is to prove it with a working implementation!

katsmeow said...

Then don't use it, just like you don't use more than 50% of what is already in OE. You can always disable it, compile without it, or override it.

Agreed in full.

katsmeow said...

Here's a thought: i wrote Tiggr many years ago, the syntax parser was working ~1993. Tiggr uses string execution. One week, maybe 10 years ago, i downloaded the entire RDS archive, unzipped every file, multiply indexed every file, munged every index, plugged the results into Tiggr for intelligent searching. Guess why that feature is not on the OE website?

Because RDS kept control over the archives. So even copy-cats can't get this hosted here. I have high hopes that ryanj's proposal at will be able to support something akin to this though.

katsmeow said...

Because Tiggr uses string execution, and access to the var table, which means she isn't written in OE, and that is unacceptable.

Actually, Tiggr was requested to become part of the website:

Edit: It is true that we generally prefer the website to use OE whenever possible. However, due to its historical ties to the Euphoria community, an exception would be made for a 100% mIRC Tiggr.

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