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katsmeow said...

I agree to Ryan's proposal,

That's good, however....

katsmeow said...

i have always said if you got off my back that i could ignore you.

That's not part of the proposal. ryanj only said to use more diplomacy, but did not require that I cease moderator duties altogether.

katsmeow said...

How are you compromising by publicly insisting i am john1988 and that you have not banned me?

Your posts prior to mine claim i am nick john1988, but i am not. You claim i refused compromise, but there was no way to communicate, unless, as you say, to scour every post everyone has ever made, looking for email addresses. And you deny that you effectively banned/gagged me thru moderation, while deleting and editing my posts, and everyone can see you have deleted my posts (you gave urls to show you deleted some of my posts), both while in moderation and after allowing them to be made public.

You agree to ryanj's proposal and violate it in the same post. This is unacceptable.

I will compromise one step further, and let you have the last word on those issues in the above post that I quoted. Now we should both drop it (at least on the forum).

katsmeow said...

I am trying to understand this. If you'd like to take this off of Euphorum, please provide an official email or url which all admins can read and respond to.

This is a very specific requirement... the only thing that we have that fits is

Possibly, the admins could set up an admins AT openeuphoria dot org mailing list as well. I'll see if this can be looked into.

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