Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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jimcbrown said...
GreenEuphorian said...
petelomax said...
GreenEuphorian said...

Is it something related to Phix or to Euphoria itself?

Hmmm. Shall I stick with my own little baby, my pride and joy, or should I dump it in the bin and go off wi... I think you know the answer to that.

Pete, probably you already know what many people on this forum are thinking: why don't you come back to Euphoria and integrate the changes and improvements you have been working on into Euphoria? This way you would lose nothing, because your contributions will be credited to you, and Euphoria would gain everything. The best of both worlds.

Some of us are in fact trying to do this. It is technically difficult though, as Phix is an independent source code base, not a fork of the RDS code... Still, Phix has some really good ideas, things I think that OpenEuphoria could certainly use.

The way I see it, Phix is part of the broader Euphoria community. So, by virtue of this fact, any gains or benefits made by Phix is also automatically a gain or benefit made to the broader Euphoria community as a whole.

It would be a massive gain for the Euphoria community if Pete himself decided re-join it, because he is a very talented developer. Is there something we can do to woo you back, Pete?

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