Re: Euphoria isn't dying - just needs a jolly good kick!

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jaygade said...

I'm the same age (almost 45) and started with Applesoft and Commodore BASIC too. I've never understood IDEs even though I keep trying. I have no problems using a basic text editor and the command line.

Obviously, your mileage may vary.

Euphoria is not unique in not having an IDE; I would say fewer than 10% of the available languages have one and must have programs written in standard text editors. A few more languages have REPLs, which is nice. An even newer development which would also be nice would be an online "playground" like some languages have.

Command line, REPLs, playground - can be compared to GWBASIC, which personally I really liked - but it's NOT rapid, and Euphoria is a rapid language that needs rapid tools.

One may feel comfortable using just a text editor - only if he knows how to use the command line and only if he understand the basic characteristics of the operating system, such as the file system and I/O. New/young/inexperienced programmers do not, and should not, study these things just for writing "hello world!" program. it takes time to grow.

In these modern times, desktops and IDEs is what young people understand; back in the 90s young people understood command lines. To make Euphoria popular you must understand how young people are thinking these days; many of them never ever used a command line and they will not use it in school or academy.

If fewer than 10% of the available languages include IDE - it's a lot! After all, how many languages are popular or useful for all purposes? I was programming PLC's. I can tell you that these days you cannot find a PLC without really-impressive IDE - and there are numerous PLCs these days. If Basic, C, and Java having their own IDE's - then Euphoria must have as well! or you may suggest that Euphoria is less powerful and useful then those popular languages?

Those who underestimate Euphoria - will block its future and popularity. The same thing for Linux OS or anything else.

I am sure that you and me will continue to use all kinds of text editors and command lines; but the issue here is the future and popularity of Euphoria - not our personal taste.

If you leave Euphoria without IDE, while Basic, C and Java do have their own IDEs - then you underestimate Euphoria, and will gain no popularity from the young people these days.

For example, unlike the 90s, all industrial PLCs these days are shipped with free and very impressive IDE, which supports from 2 to 4 programming languages for PLCs. Writing communication protocols using a text editor is something I've done in the 90s - now, it's history.

IDE is not a spaceship; it's not supposed to be so complicated! it's the right investment for the future of Euphoria. And Euphoria should always remain Euphoria, i.e. anyone can use command line and text editor if they wish to.

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