Re: Euphoria's identity/philosophy -- Where is the focus?

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jaygade said...
SDPringle said...

I think EUPHORIA's core identity is the following:

  1. to have only one kind of data: objects which are an atom or a sequence of objects
  2. to have pass by value for *everything*. Not only atoms but sequences as well.
  3. in contrast to the famous expression "Garbage In, Garbage Out". Euphoria is Garbage In, Error Out.

I think your short list nails it for 80%-90% of the identity of Euphoria, despite the caveats in the rest of your post.

One thing that I would add is that Euphoria code is readable, more than any other language I've studied. It's neither overly terse nor overly verbose, but it seems to hit a sweet spot. Just my opinion.

Adding features has been run away race in all directions trying to emulate every other

computer language with no single leader like Rob.

The original idea of the design of Euphoria :

1: A core of necessary functions and procedures to create and run a Program.

2: The ability to write and added a library to expand the capabilities of Euphoria.

3: A translator to combine the core and your libraries into a fast single program.

Just look at the programs in the archive that were written before 4.00 !

There are hundreds of programs in the archive that worked and solved problems.

What happen to creativity and the challenge to solve a problem ?

I keep seeing new users come to the language and saying why isn't feature xyz

in Euphoria like the abc language ?

It seems that users think that every feature has to be a built-in feature.

That is my opinion.


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