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jaygade said...

I didn't realize that you were referring to the manual. I thought that you meant the Creole standard. My mistake!

Yes, the occurrences in the manual would have to be changed for consistency.

The reason I haven't opened a ticket is because I thought that I would throw the issue out for discussion first. I realize that there is a possibility that not everyone would agree with the change, or that there may be aspects to this that I have missed.

But I've been using this forum for quite awhile, even if I no longer post much, and since the introduction of Creole to Euphoria this one tag has often bothered me.

I was the one that implemented, and designed the extensions, to the creole parser we have here are OpenEuphoria. One of those extensions is strikethru rendering. The published Creole specification does not include strikethru, I decided that it was an omission (other markups have it) and that it was easy to do. I decided on the double dash '--' token because it is used in some other wikis and seemed fairly obvious/intuitive.

Remember that Creole has nothing to do with Euphoria. It is a general purpose markup language that can be used for multiple purposes. The fact that Euphoria's comments begin with a double dash is a coincidence.

The creole parser has the facility to disallow strikethru (and any of the other text decoration styles). This is set by a specific call to the parser from the hosting environment, but this hasn't be used by the EuForum application.

  creole_parse(Disallow, MU_Strikethru) 

Oh, and by the way, you can 'escape' the strikethru effect by preceding a double-dash with a tilde, such as ~--, which causes the strikethru to be avoided.

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