Re: Voting begins on removing OpenWatcom support

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DerekParnell said...
jimcbrown said...

Devs who have already voted on the dev list will not have their votes counted here.

What does that mean? Do I have to formally vote here because my vote on the dev list isn't counted?

No, actually I intended the opposite: the vote on the dev list counts, but the vote here does not.

No one is against you making your case for (or, as the case may be, against) Watcom here. Actually, doing so is probably a really good idea, as not everyone here may have seen your arguments on the dev list.

Anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter which vote is counted. The point is that you only get to have one vote counted.

DerekParnell said...

In any case, I vote to drop Watcom support.

The main problems with Watcom are ...

  • that it does not currently, or in the foreseeable future, support 64-bit CPU architectures, which are now commonplace. It does support 64-bit integers but not in native CPU form. They are emulated using 32-bit registers. It does not support 64-bit addressing.
  • it does not support the newer versions of the C programming standard (see Version 2.0 and C99 Compliance)
  • it is not being developed under a frequent release policy (thus updates and bug fixes are slow to arrive). The latest release is currently June 2010.


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