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Phix started before RDS went open source, so it is a complete rewrite.
It is an alternative implementation, with some advantages and some disadvantages.
I have no problem with OE stalwarts completely ignoring Phix or anyone flitting between the two.
I think this list includes all the major differences:

  • Native 8-bit strings
  • Named parameters, eg message_box(title:="title", text:="text", style:=MB_OK) works the same as message_box("text","title",MB_OK)
  • No implicit sequence ops
  • include file handling is a bit more intuitive, has relative directory handling, and it also does automatic includes, eg if you forget to include msgbox.e before using it, it will find it for you.
  • Direct comparison (eg if name="pete" then)
  • Negative indexes (as well as $)
  • Variable length slice assignment (eg s="food" s[2..3]="e"; s is now "fed")
  • Short circuit evaluation of all expressions (4.0 may now be the same?)
  • Automatic pass by reference optimisations (for an example see bench.exw)
  • inline assembly (x86)
  • Additional compile-time type checking
  • Automatic internal memory leak checking
  • Self-hosted, no need for Watcon/Borland/gcc.
  • No DOS or Linux versions.
  • No floating point for loops
  • Currently only one developer on Phix compared to quite a few on OpenEu. Overall I'd say it was pretty stable and perfectly usable but there is plenty left to do, including finding that special "magic" that gives it a real edge.
  • There are plenty of things in 4.0 that have not made it into Phix.
  • There is no intent to make all 4.0 programs run "out of the box" on Phix but modifying them to work should be straightforward.
  • Many new bugs!

Right now I'm working on extensive low-level changes for native thread support, which took a murderous time to get started but are currently fair zipping along.


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