Focus rectangle problem after switching to eu4

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I recently switched to eu4 from eu3. It went really well and actually have had some win32lib (v0.70.20) problems go away (such as using setIndex on a list was changing the color of that line and not just highlighting the selection).

One odd thing has come up. When I run my program, the dotted line focus rectangles that are suppose to appear on objects with focus no longer appear. That is unless I click or tab to a list view, then use the arrow keys to move the selection in the list. From that point on the focus rectangle appears as normal when tabbing to or clicking a object.

Below is a sample program to demonstrate this.

Run the program then tab between the button and list view, the focus rectangle will not show, now tab to the list view, use the down arrow key to move the selection, then tab to the button and the rectangle is there as it should be.

Anyone have any idea what is going on, or does the same thing even happen on anyone elses machine.

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP2, AMD Athlon XS 64, on a Toshiba Satellite

include Win32lib.ew 
object Tmp 
constant Main_Window = createEx(Window, "Main", 0, Center, Center, 200, 200, {WS_THICKFRAME, WS_SYSMENU, WS_MINIMIZEBOX, WS_MAXIMIZEBOX}, {WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME}) 
	constant Button_One = createEx(PushButton, "Button One", Main_Window, 8, 4, 80, 40, 0, 0) 
	constant List_One = createEx(ListView, "Name", Main_Window, 8, 60, 100, 100, w32or_all({LVS_REPORT, LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS}), 0) 
		Tmp = addLVItem({List_One, -1}, 0, "Item one") 
		Tmp = addLVItem({List_One, -1}, 0, "Item Two") 
procedure Button_One_onClick (integer self, integer event, sequence params) 
	-- Do nothing 
end procedure 
setHandler(Button_One, w32HClick, routine_id("Button_One_onClick")) 
openWindow(Main_Window, Modal) 
setIndex(List_One, 1) 
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