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Forked from Re: walk_dir and Chinese filenames

I forked to this topic because Jeremy suggested it.

jeremy said...
useless said...

Sorry, but back in post #3 of this thread, Derek suggested we could effect changes in Euphoria :

Derek said...

If you care to supply some code that get dir() working we can incorporate it into a future release, otherwise submit a ticket for the enhancement.

Which, as a blanket statement, is not true in my experience.


Yes, and your follow up has nothing to do with walk_dir. Derek's did. You should have forked the message with a subject that says: "Creating a ticket does nothing" to which someone would probably point to the hundreds of closed, fixed, applied tickets.

But my comment did have something to do with what Derek said in context of the original thread. He was being supportive of user contributions, and i would be also, but it's misleading to suggest that all working useable desireable code is going to be considered in a positive light. My nick on this forum represents that fact.

jeremy said...

Your reply has nothing to do with walk_dir and is just the same old rant that drives everyone nuts because we've heard the exact same thing forever. It seems that you try to sneak it in any possible way you can conceive.


Just as you are allowed to make improvements in Euphoria every day, i am not allowed to make improvements, every day. So it's not far from my mind that the off-topic harrassment which was against me on euphorum stopped only when i took removed all code for task messaging.

Or how there was a tide against me when i asked for string handling functions a decade ago, wrote strtok.e, and then those functions were added to Eu v4, but i was useless in that addition. Functions i didn't release with strtok v3 were not in Eu v4, functions i use every day, which i believe would be a valueable contribution. In deep depression i simply gave Derek permission to scrape whatever he wanted from the lib. I knew better than to do any more to be helpful.

I believe the getxml() in strtok lib would detect some misuse of the creole tags in this forum, from missing tags to overlapping tags fields, but that suggestion was overlooked as well.

CK's posted pic which included a view of the header on euphorum being overlapped by tabs used to select other pages was fixable by css code i submitted, and i think CK also submitted code, and yet the problem persists. The submitted code isn't in use.

I use the task msg handler every day, and make incremental improvements, expanding it's scope to handling msg passing across a lan or the internet, but i actually now fear the idea of submitting this code, because the code isn't the object of the derision, i am. Several times in this forum and on the devlist, verbal fights took away time better spent on coding, fights which as often as not had nothing to do with the submitted code.

There's been several times i had http.e open in an editor over the years for getting cookies to work, or implementing the put protocol, or forking it to an ftp protocol, but [choose your expletive], it's not merely a thankless effort, it's an uphill battle just to get thru the side circus here!

I realise whatever is submitted is subject to editing, changing, improvements, renaming, etc etc. Code i give to Ry, or he gives to me, or code Unkmar suggests, or vice versa, is understood to be subject to the best use of the application by the recipient. But we don't fight over stuff like is often done here or on the devlist. Some people know of a need for a standard in a topic that does not yet exist in Euphoria, but who wants to bring up that topic in this hostile atmosphere?

What Derek had said as a blanket statement was over-simplified and could have had many caveats added. I added comments where he made the statement. While i respect Derek, i do not respect the process as applied here or some of the participants. More than one person has stated we traded the dictatorship of RobC for an equally frustrating dictatorship. There is just no end of irrelavant "reasons" for some code/functions being refused. Granted, there are some relavant reasons.

I gave pro and con for submitting code in the parent thread, but if Bruce would rather just get on with his job, do not submit code here. Share it with anyone who asks for it, but don't do it in euphorum, the devlist, or the ticket page on this site or sourceforge. There's just too much overhead.

If Euphoria wasn't such a great language, i'd leave in a heartbeat. Posts like Fendaril or others saying i was the one attempting to dos this site off the net are representative of posts i cannot defend myself against, and no one can prove they were not the source of that dos attempt. Yea, i know that wasn't your ip, but now proove you didn't use a worm/trojan to take over the offender's computer at that ip and dos the site with it.


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