Re: How to acces busbased cards ( PCI/ ISA)

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neophyte said...

How do I.. or more to the point what is this "wrapping" process all about and where/ how/ who/ do I find the information on how to do the wrapping.. but more to the point what do I wrap?

Assuming we are still focusing on accessing the hardware directly, and assuming you want to do this in a Linux or Windows environment, then you need to seriously upgrade your skills. You will need to write a device driver for the particular card in mind. This is an advanced skill set and not for the faint-hearted. Maybe you can get lucky if someone else has already written the driver for it. In which case, all you need is to contact them and get hold of the documentation for the driver.

In Windows, you will need to use the Windows API calls to access the device driver so will need to wrap the appropriate .DLL file functions for that API. You will need to do some research at the Microsoft Developer Network site to find out more about which API is required.

In an MS-DOS environment, Euphoria already has the built-in routines to peek/poke into memory-mapped port locations.

neophyte said...

I mean do I have to be an expert in C in order to be productive in Euphoria?


But let's back up a moment. Why do you want to access PCI and/or ISA cards? Is it a particular card you have in mind? If so, the manufacturer has probably already got a driver for it. Just ask them for the specs and API for the driver.

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