I accidentally introduced a bug into the 1.4b version of ed.ex.
David Cuny reported it. The problem occurs if you type an unsupported key
combination (e.g. Alt-F) that generates a key code greater than 255.
If the editor is running with color syntax highlighting, it
will crash. This could be nasty if you have entered a
lot of changes without saving.

Fortunately the fix is very easy.

   edit the file: euphoria\bin\ed.ex
   go down to:    function good()

   replace the line that says:

           elsif key >= ' ' then

           elsif key >= ' ' and key <= 255 then

   This will cause keycodes greater than 255 to be
   ignored. (actually you'll get a warning message)

   In 1.4a it used to say 127 rather than 255, but I
   wanted to allow people to enter keycodes greater
   than 127. You can enter special characters from 128 to 255
   by pressing Alt and 3 digits on the numeric keypad.
   This is a feature of DOS and Windows.

I will fix the 1.4b release on the WEB page in the next
couple of days. I won't bother to call it 1.4c since
this will be the only change.

   Rob Craig
   Rapid Deployment Software

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