1. XProL

I've been working with XProL lately, and I've implemented/tweaked the
INCR command which INCReases a var with a value the user specifies,
CHVAR which changes the contents of a var to something the user wants,
and last but certainly not least: the notorious Come From! I now have
CFR, which comes to the command immediately after CFR from an user
specified bloc. I've also been working on CFR_IF (Come FRom IF) that
would Come FRom only if a certain condition is true (like JE and
ALT_JE), but I've been having some problems with it.

I've also been doing some general enhancing of the code, but still no
comments unfortunately. I'll be documenting some stuff though.

So if there's anyone out there who would like to give me a hand with
XProL (optimizing/debugging or adding new commands), or if you want to
have a peek at the new not-much-improved XProL v22 just mail me.

(I do hope someone besides Andrew Turley has actually downloaded the
thing.. comments are EXTREMELY welcome, negative ones too!)

--Tom Ekl=F6f A.K.A. Jossarian

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