1. Re: Comments on game changes

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> I don't think Euphoria can handle a real-time 3d engine with texture
> mapping etc. The basic engine isn't that bad. I've seen one written
> in basic which ran well although it was a simple plot and fill with
> solid colors type of engine and didn't include any texture mapping at
> all -- this is where the big problem lies. I can dig up the qbasic
> demo if somebody wants to see the code. I didn't write it I just dl'd
> it to see how it worked.
> I do believe Euphoria will work well for first-person view 3d games
> such as the *old* bardstale games or more recently the SSI Eye of
> the Beholder series. I'm working on something like this myself and
> it requires a lot less processing. Naturally, it isn't as action
> <SNIP>

Hello, chuck!
I would be very interested in the old Qbasic code for the 3-d engine that
you have.

But, really I think Euphoria CAN do a real-time 3-D engine.  It's a
project that I'm currently working on...

thanks for your time!

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