1. Re: Missing Feature in Euphoria

Hi Jeff.

Personally, I don't think a Euphoria-equivalent CHAIN command would make
the language any more effective, seeing simply writing a procedure or
function accomplishes the same thing. Running such a subroutine does not
start a second copy of the command interpretor, and control is effortlessly
passed back to the main line. A return code from a function type routine
could trigger an if statement to end the "calling" program.

If you are designing a utility program (such as a date format conversion
from calendar to Julian), to be shared by multiple programs, it can be
coded as a subroutine that is linked externally by an include statement at
compile time. However, if you change the utility you have to recompile the
programs that use it.

Just a humble opinion from a Euphoria fanatic.

David Gay

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