1. Re: Missing Feature in Euphoria

A friend and I were contemplating translating a project written
in BASIC into Euphoria.  For the most part, the difficulties
were to come from the fact that his BASIC was not well
structured, whereas Euphoria must be.

Then we hit a biggie - Euphoria doesn't have the equivalent of a
"CHAIN" statement, where one program could execute another with
no return to the original program, but also without loading a
new copy of the interpreter.  Another option was to let the
chained program return to the main program, which would then
theoretically exit immediately, but again, no go - there's no
way to load another .ex file without also loading another

I think that this would be a useful enhancement...

Jeff Zeitlin                                      jeff.zeitlin at execnet.com
 ~ OLXWin 1.00b ~ Being human does have certain advantages

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