1. Re: OidZone

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, The Reaper wrote:

> I know, its only been one night, but I played it enough to find the following:
> (don't mind me if you already know some of these)
> Bug Report:
> -1- Not really a bug, but very annoying. Sometimes when you die, you come back
>     on top of an asteroid or mine, causing instant death. I lost three lives
>     for the price of one because of this.

This is a serious problem that WILL be addressed soon.  This is one of
those things that had to wait until I had everything working.  Now that
it's all in I can tweak.

> -2- Some sprites (asteroids,mines,shot,you) are not cleaned up as they warp
>     from one side of the screen to another.

This is on the bug list included on the whatsup.doc

> -3- Sometimes shots will go right through smaller asteroids (once I was lined
>     up with a small one coming right at me, but my six shots had no effect and
>     it got me).

This is a collision checking thing that will be addressed.  I just thew
that part together in a couple hours to get it running, this week I will
get it working correctly.

> -4- You probably know this, but when there are a lot of sprites the
>      action slows down considerably. This also can leave pixels behind
>      from sprites.

On slower machines (dx2-66 and lower) this is a big problem. When I
rewrite my sprite engine, I should be able to speed things up.  Rob's
tick_rate() thing allows me to more acurately check and throttle the speed
of the objects to make them move more per frame when the frames take
longer to draw, so the speed seems the same even though the frame rate
drops.  I need to re-write the sprite engine to take advantage of this.

> -5- While turning, you are sometimes invincible (try pumping the thrust
>     and then hold a turn button).

I think this is just because of the poor collision checking.  My ship
collision check is worse than my oid collision check.  I wanted to get all
the features in enough to play the game, then later refine them.

> -6- I never got a chance to test the two-player mode much, but I did play twic
>     The first time, however, I noticed that Player Two score went up really
>     fast (he got about 1000 points for destroying half of level 1, whereas it
>     usually takes two whole levels to get that much), but the second time all
>     went normal.

I'll look at that...

> -7- I think you might know this, but sometimes a big asteroid can be
      completely destroyed with one shot.

It's a bug I introduced when I added the shot explosions, the shot stays
on and pops more oids.  This will be fixed shortly.  The game is way
harder and more fun when this works correctly.  The game is way way too
easy now.

> This game was a good job considering the language it was written in, and is
> better than I could ever write. However, when you stuff the $45 price tag on
> this baby, you're competing in the big leagues (source code or not). My guess
> is that you will really have to revamp this game up if you want to sell it
> at that price. Heck, you can get Duke Nukem 3D for $50! Well, that's all I hav
> to say. TTFN!

The $40 is ONLY for the programmers interested in learning how to write
games in Euphoria, and includes a BOOK explaining every routine in detail.
The regular shareware price is $20, which is very competitive for this
kind of release.  It's obviously NOT for the same market audience as Duke

Thanx for the feedback.

Michael Packard
Lord Generic Productions
lgp at exo.com http://exo.com/~lgp
A Crash Course in Game Design and Production

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