1. Still compressor for E.?

Here's what I meant when I mentioned I needed a way to compress the
Euphoria executable. Actually I wanted to recompress and encrypt it
using a proprietary technique to render tracing and debugging hell on
earth for anyone with too long a nose.
I intend this as an apology personally to Robert Craig, because I shouldn't
have held back the fact that I had to do a small hack on the exe before
compressing it, for reasons which are probably too involved to explain. I
know it's a lousy practice, but sometimes one must do it.
The fact is, Euphoria is a perfect framework for lots of applications
that are easy to develop and test, and is very attractive in many ways.
One has to do with security stuff and system management--
something I'm currently involved with. After all, it was naive of NSA to
raise hue and cry about cryp. We've been there for centuries longer.
And it's key to modern technology too, which will eventually make or break
telecomms. So my question remains: has anyone with needs similar to mine
tried a "debugger-baffler", aside from obfuscating the code?

Sorry for this very specific thread, though.
Another thing, I'm gonna buy the final Windows version when it arrives.
I feel embarrassed I'm kinda freeloading now.

P.S. Mr Babor, your GUI is tops! I believe it makes Euphoria even more

Alexander Yakovlev

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