1. things i want in euphoria :>

i don't know who i'm talking to in particular here, but i just
thought i'd like to share some of the things i'm missing in euphoria
right now :>

-- support for x +=, x*=, x++, etc.  now i can't speak for everyone
but i know these things would speed up some of my apps a little bit

-- support for variable 'include' names...  this would mean you could
   s = "sblaster.e"
   include s
pretty spiffy, eh? :>...  you could, theoretically, do this by
incorporating the old c-style #include "..." and #include <...>

-- some sort of asm() procedure or something...  maybe kinda like the
one pascal has, i dunno...  it's just that every time i want to put
in an assembly routine, i have to quit euphoria, run debug.exe, type
in my little routine (god forbid what would happen if i had to make a
big routine), then disassemble it, write down all the hex codes that
match up with the assembly commands, and then load up euphoria again
and enter them into a sequence...  there must be an easier way to do

anyway i'll get back to ya as soon as i think of more things i need
:>...  if anyone agrees or disagrees or has more stuff to add, tell
me :>

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