1. Email Program

Well, I thought I'd have my say so in this discussion. =20

I have recently started using Microsoft Mail & News (NOT MS Exchange =
mind you) which and have found it to be very good at decoding UUEncoded =
stuff (detects it, and creates the attatchment without any effort), but =
does NOT do MIME.  While I also have a copy of Wincode to decode stuff =
in MIME, I don't see the fasination with using it.  For one thing, it =
confuses more than half of all email readers that are use, and even with =
the programs that know and can handle it, I've found it isn't always =
perfect either.  I can't see any advantage in using it over UU, which a =
MUCH more of a standard everywhere. (Every mail program I've ever seen =
supports it, include PINE on my shell account)    =20

Just my say,

Drive C: format complete.  Send me $1000000 to undo it!

daniel at ktb.net

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