Hello  David,

> that setting the CAUSEWAY environment variable gets rid of the out
of memory
> trouble, but slows the program down a bit. RDS recommends also
trying to
> remove SMARTDRV and any other TSR that may take up extended memory
helps too.

  On your advice I put the SET CAUSEWAY=SWAP:C:\APPL\TEMP environment
var in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and gave smartdrive only 1024 Bytes
under Windows and 0 under DOS with "C:\WINDOWS\SMARTDRV.EXE 0 1024".
Started the system again but I get the same "Your progr.." message.

  It still happens in the get.e module. What I don't understand is
that the program can initialise and fill a list of 100,000 integer
items in the form of {{n,n},{n,n},..}. The program can sort it with
the sort.e program, I can write it to disk to a file, 1,400,000
bytes. But I can't read it from disk in the same list. Between the
write and read step I make the list empty with the statement

LIST = {}

, so I think it will free up the memory it uses. But after a while
the program exits with an error message.

Marcel Kollenaar

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