1. Hello everyone :)

Greetings everyone. My name is David Gay, and I maintain the "A Beginner's
Guide to Euphoria" web page here in Toronto, Canada. This web page is devoted
to teaching those who never programmed in their life how to program in Euphoria.
The location is http://www.interlog.com/~moggie/euphoria.htm.

I look forward to talking to everyone participating in this listserv about
Euphoria programming concepts and tips :)

Long live Euphoria :}

David Gay

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2. Re: Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Marcel Kollenaar. I'm working at the SLO (Institute for
Curriculum Development in the Netherlands) as a technical WordPerfect
administrator (macro's). An 8 month ago we installed Internet for all
our employees. So I started my search on internet for an programming
language that could easy manage list. I've programmed in C, used
linked list but after a while the C-style syntax got too difficult
for my brains. As a miracle I found Euphoria. A delight. He who read
the book "The Celestian Prophesy" knows there is no miracle at all.
I'm using Euphoria to build small programs to examine the WP5.1
binary documentstructures for fun. Just to be busy with an easy
Now I'm testing/learning, with random lists (100,000 integers),
sorting, writing the list to disk, reading from disk, binary
searches. All this effort for trying to make an little KISS
indexed sequential database program.

Yesterday I installed Windows 95 on my computer, plug, switch off
and pray, started Euphoria in an DOS box and it ran out of memory
with my listprogram. Something it didn't under DOS where it made it's
own memorybuffer on disk. Windows '95 got me some other trouble with
my Shiva telephone connection from my home to the SLO. Again I'm
running 3.11 and all runs well.
Maybe other people have some experience with Euphoria/Win95. I'm
running a Tulip Pentium de5/75, 8Mb memory.

Today i'm running the Helpdesk and have a customer who needs help.
Until next time .....


Marcel Kollenaar

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3. Re: Hello everyone :)

At 03:53 PM 6/25/96 +0100, you wrote:
>---------------------- Information from the mail header -----------------------
>Sender:       Euphoria Programming for MS-DOS <EUPHORIA at
>Poster:       Marcel Kollenaar <M.Kollenaar at SLO.NL>
>Subject:      Re: Hello everyone :)

Hi Marcel :)

I ran into the same problem using Euphoria under Windows'95 for a shareware
game I am writing (to be released sometime next year). I found
that setting the CAUSEWAY environment variable gets rid of the out of memory
trouble, but slows the program down a bit. RDS recommends also trying to
remove SMARTDRV and any other TSR that may take up extended memory helps too.

Hope this helps

David Gay
dgay at idirect.com

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