1. PCX & GIF loader

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begin 660 pic_load.e


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2. PCX & GIF loader

Here are two routines I've just finished writing:
They're a PCX and a GIF loader. They work exactly the same way as
read_bitmap(), and return the same format or error codes.
If you get any errors using these, send me the EX.ERR file, and the
picture too. (if it's a reasonable size).

               Michael Bolin

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3. Re: PCX & GIF loader

> Well, I havent received an error using your routine, but noticed a small bug
> when loading a 640X480, 256 color PCX file.  Your loader decoded and
> displayed the file correctly, but the palette was mixed up.  (Have you ever se
> bright red trees on purple grass, with blue clouds in a purple sky?).  Anyway,
> I'm attaching the pcx file, so let me know if it displays in the same wierd
> colors
> for you.  Also, I'm using the Test.ex file provided by Robert Craig, but
> with the
> line <s = load_gif("title.gif")> changed to <s = load_pcx("tutorial.pcx")>.  A
> other lines are the same.
> James Powell

Actually, the bug isn't in my routine. It's in the Test.ex file
Robert Craig wrote.

The RGB palette values range from 0-255, just like read_bitmap(),
but the all_palette() command expects them to range from 0 to 63,
so you must use a line like this:


which Robert Craig forgot to do. :)

               Michael Bolin

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