1. SORRY for posting here, but I had to.

Hello there!
I don't know why, but I think that I'm going to stop with DOS
programming. From now and on, I'm going to learn Delphi 32 bit.
Therefore, I have a question : How to unsucsribe the mailing list?
I am asking this because that e-mail is lost, and I forgot the
unsubscribing steps.
I really enjoyed to be here, and really enjoyed to meet new friends.
I have your e-mails, and we still can  communicate thru the regular
You see, everyday I get from euphoria's list about 25 e-mails. Also I
connected to a Delphi list and my personal e-mail. That's makes my
Pegasus import about 80 e-mails daily (25Eup+40Del+15Per), when
I am not reading the 25 first. As the matter of fact, I don't read
Delphi's one eighter, but at least I know that someday I will be
needed it. About Euphoria , I don't think I'll need it, because I
think that I'm going to stop with DOS programming. And it's also
kind of uncompotable to skip on 25 e-mails daily...

So, how to unsubscribe?
Thank you very much!!
Izchak Aronov.
WebMaster of GoldPages - SOON - your only site for all your needs.
GoldPages URL : http://www.toptown.com/centralpark/goldman
E-mails : izchak at netvision.net.il & goldman at poboxes.com

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