1. Ed.zip containg Ed.ex

This is in ".uue" format
If you don't have uue then you should be able
to get it from nearly and local BBS.

This copy of Ed.ex assumes the ".ex" extension if
none is given.  If you want to load a file with no
extension then simply add a dot at the file's name.
example:     "ED file"  will load file.ex
   BUT   "ED file." will load file.
   AND  "ED file.e" will load file.e

I have also changed the colors of the editor.
and the bracket coloring now goes much deeper
and has a cyclic appearance.

In the future I may HUNT down the bracket coloring
code and make it cyclic so that I the sequence
containing the colors can be shorter.

If any one has any SIMPLE modification ideas for this
editor please let me know.

section 1 of uuencode 5.21 of file ed.zip    by R.E.M.

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