1. My includes

Round.e has three functions.

roundoff() is used for rounding off to integer.
Like the CINT() command of QBasic.
Syntax: integer1 = roundoff(atom1)

truncate() is used to well truncate to get an
integer.  Like the INT() command of QBasic.
Syntax: integer1 = truncate(atom1)

int_div() means integer divide which is works
like 3 \ 4 in QBasic instead of 3 / 4.
The result of the integer division is an integer.
Syntax: integer1 =  int_div(atom1, atom2)

This is my round.e & put.e
round.e is well documented in round.txt
but I have documented put.e yet.

SORRY  87)


PS:   Becareful with the f_puts() in put.e
fast_puts() is safe but f_puts is delicate.

section 1 of uuencode 5.21 of file llh-e.zip    by R.E.M.

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